Propane Turkey Fryers

Propane-fueled Turkey Fryers create a delicious, tender-on-the-inside,
crispy-on-the-outside bird. Like all “appliances,” following these guidelines will
make your turkey fry a fun, safe experience.

Know This Going In

Turkey Fryers:
  • can tip easily
  • need to stay 2 feet away from the propane tank 
Before Cooking Your Turkey:
  • Know the oil level inside the fryer BEFORE submerging the turkey in the fryer, to avoid the oil coming in contact with the flame
  • Only use a turkey that is COMPLETELY THAWED before submerging it into hot oil to prevent an explosion when water hits hot oil
  • If you see the oil smoke, the heat/flame is too high for that particular oil you are cooking with

Turkey Sizes by Guest Numbers


Pot Sizes:

  • 30 qt. – can cook up to 18lb. turkeys
  • 60 qt. – can cook over 25lb. turkeys / bigger turkeys require more oil = bigger pot

*Check your fryer owner’s manual for the size limits on your turkey.

How Long to Thaw a Turkey

Use an oil that can handle the high temperatures that you’ll be using in your fryer. 

Smoke point

  • The temperature at which an oil / cooking fat begin to to smoke. When you cook over the smoke point you may cause a burnt smell and flavor to the turkey.

  • Use cooking oils with a smoke point above 300 F

Flash Point

  • When cooking oil temperature is so high it’s vapors can ignite in the air when exposed to flame

Fire Point

  • When the cooking oil vapors continue to burn 

Turkey Fryer Steps


Prepare the Bird

  • Pick the size of bird to fit the size of fryer pot, follow the fryer directions
  • Use dry rubs for the outside, cavity and under the skin of the bird
  • Use oil-based marinades, not water-based marinades and skip stuffing the bird
  • Turkey must be 100% thawed and completely dry before submerging in hot oil

Prepare the Fryer

  • Keep the fryer on flat, level surface, more than 10 feet away from your home 
  • Never use a fryer on a wooden deck, under a patio cover, in a garage or enclosed space
  • When fuel is off, fill fryer pot with water, submerge your bird (within a plastic bag), mark the water line, remove the water and dry the pot thoroughly, then fill it with cooking oil to that same fill line
  • Keep kids and pets away and always stay with your fryer

Keep On-hand

  • Fire extinguisher (multi-purpose or dry-power)
  • Heavy duty gloves and goggles
  • Thermometer

Start Cooking

  • Heat the oil to 275F using thermometer probe that comes with your unit
  • Once 275F, turn off the burner and lower turkey into fryer with the hanger hook
  • Turn fryer back on and increases heat to 325F
  • Pick an oil that can withstand a 325F temperature to avoid a fire
  • Cook until bird’s internal temperature is 165F

When Turkey is Done

  • Turn off the propane valve and fryer unit
  • Remove bird from fryer and let set for 20-30 minutes before carving
  • Carefully remove the bot of oil from burner, place it on level, heat safe surface w/ cover to let oil cool
  • Take used cooking oil to location recycling locations near you