Total Time: 10 hours 40 mins

Servings: 10


  • 1 1/2 Cups crushed Graham Crackers
  • 3 1/2 Tbsp Brown sugar
  • 6 Tbsp Melted butter
  • 1 Tsp Vegetable oil
  • 4 Cups Cream Cheese Original
  • 1 Cup Sour cream
  • 4 eggs Large
  • 3 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 3 Tbsp Flour
  • 1 Cup Brown Sugar


  • Preheat oven to 400F. Starting with the crust. Mix the crushed graham crackers with the brown sugar and melted butter. Work together to ensure there are no lumps and the crumbs are evenly covered in the butter. 

  • Lightly grease the springform pan bottom and sides with the vegetable oil. This helps with removing the cheesecake later.

  • Pack the crust mixture to the bottom of the pan firmly.

  • Lightly bake in the oven for a couple minutes until the crust turns a slightly darker brown color. Remove from the oven and cool. 

  • Preheat your smoker or oven to 350F.

  • In a large mixing bowl add the slightly warmed cream cheese (easier to mix when warmed) with the brown sugar, vanilla extract, and flour. 

  • I use a mixer with a flat beater as this seems to work best when mixing cheesecake filling. A whisk attachment will quickly clog with the cheese and is too flimsy to initially mix the filling. Start the mixer on low. After a couple minutes of mixing, I stop the mixer and use a spatula to wipe the edges of the bowl to the center to help the ingredients mix. I then restart the mixer. I’ll do this a couple times until the mixture is even. Add the 1 cup of sour cream and mix for a couple more minutes on medium low. 
  • Once the mixture is looking even, I add one egg and slowly mix. Only add one egg at a time. Once the egg is mixed in well, add another egg.  Once all four eggs are properly mixed, I turn off the mixer, and scape down the mixing bowl sides one more time. Then turn on the mixer to medium low for one last mix. It’s really important to properly mix the cheesecake filler until all lumps and air bubbles are gone. Lumps and air pockets are the reason your cheesecake cracks when it’s baking. Once the mixing is complete, remove from the mixer and set aside. 

  • Take heavy duty tinfoil and wrap the bottom and sides of the springform pan. This will protect the cheesecake when it is set inside the water bath.

  • Fill your large roaster with 1-2 inches of hot water. Take the cheesecake filling and pour over your crust. Lightly shake the pan to allow the filling to flatten and remove any air pockets. 

  • Carefully put the cheesecake springform pan into the roaster water bath. Bake in the smoker for 1.5-2hrs. 

  • After 1.5hrs I start checking for doneness. You can poke the center of the cheesecake with a toothpick. If the toothpick come out clean, the cheesecake is done.  Alternatively, look for the a center with a slight jiggle, firmness on the outer ring, and raised edges. Once done, remove from the smoker or oven and run a knife along the inside perimeter of the pan. This will help separate the cake from the pan when you remove the rim. 

  • Cool on your counter until it reaches room temperature. Remove pan rim.  Refrigerate for four hours or more.

  • Remove from fridge an hour before serving to slightly warm. Top with your favorite toppings!

Propane Smoker Safety

  1. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual
  2. Position your smoker in a safe location, at least 5 feet from the house and clear of any outdoor decorations and/or furniture.
  3. Check your tank and hoses for leaks
  4. Follow proper ignition practices
  5. Be present and check your smoker often
  6. Be aware of Fire knowledge & safety, make sure to have an extinguisher on hand!
  7. Be aware of smoke and the harm it can cause 

For more Propane Smoker Safety tips, click here